About the Author

Author, Daron Garmon


Well-grounded in Scripture, author, Daron Garmon, has a practical knowledge of the Bible that has shaped and mentored many people’s lives for decades.  Having pastored several churches, Garmon has seen hundreds of people come to faith in Jesus and witnessed many lives, families, and futures transformed through God’s grace and continued calling on his life.

Daron is a faithful and loving father, a friend that is closer than a brother, a man who is passionate about his personal relationship with God, a dedicated son, brother, and kingdom influencer.  Daron takes personal action in caring for the homeless and for those who find themselves in need of restoration.  

Garmon’s extensive knowledge of the Bible, practical application, and learned empathetic responses are crucial to personal and spiritual growth.  Whether you find yourself in a place of complacency, frustration, independence, rebellion, or the consequential trouble that comes from living life in a cyclical rut, God will always come to the rescue of those who determine they want to escape the spin cycle and journey toward a better place.  Determining to follow the baby steps the author has personally taken and documented is your first move into God’s Sweet Spot.  Will you journey with him?

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